Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Heirloom Easter

This morning, my two little bunnies wore dresses that were made by my mom thirty years ago.  The pink one was mine, and the blue one belonged to my younger sister, Brittany.  We are three years apart, so imagine my excitement when I learned that I was pregnant with another girl that would be three years younger than Lucy. My mom loved seeing the girls in these dresses, and Lucy got a big kick out of saying she and Maggie were Emily and Brittany.
I cannot tell you how much I loved seeing my girls in these sweet dresses.  I remember my mom working on this dress and I remember wearing it.   This was probably the beginning of my interest in sewing.  In addition to the dresses, my mom also saved the pattern and the smocking plate, which are now in my sewing stash.  They are both made from a Children's Corner pattern.  At the time it was called the Smocked Day Dress, but now it is called Maggie.

One of the best parts of this pattern is that the back is as cute as the front.

The funny thing is how much dress lengths have changed.  My sister and I wore them when we were two and five, but my girls are one and almost four.  If we had waited another year, the blue dress would have barely covered Maggie's diaper cover.
We are going to be on Spring Break over Easter, so I wanted to make sure we got some cute pictures this morning.


  1. Precious!!! I have the pattern -- I'll have to make sure to lengthen it when I make it. How special that your mom made these, and you and your sister wore them too.

  2. So precious. We have found the same thing with dress lengths. My granddaughter has worn many of her mommy and aunt's dresses from the same time frame. Sweet dresses, beautiful girls.

  3. Too sweet! Your mom has got to enjoy the pictures!