Thursday, October 27, 2011

You had me at a matching doll costume

When I decided to learn to sew one of the first things I thought was "wouldn't it be so much fun to make the kids halloween costumes." Then, last year as I was drawing checks onto fabric with a sharpie because I couldn't find fabric that looked like Woody's shirt, I swore I would never do it again.

When the Pottery Barn Kids catalog came, Henry and Lucy both found costumes they liked.  Then they went on sale.  Plus, there was a matching costume for Bitty Baby and free shipping.  Sold.

And here is sweet Maggie.  She wore the same costume Henry did when he was a baby.  Who doesn't love a little chick?

We went trick-or-treating at Henry's school tonight.  Will, Maggie and I are going to be gone for Halloween, but Henry and Lucy will go again on Monday night.  I am not really sure how much candy two little people need, but they are bound and determined to get as much as they can.  They did sweetly sit on the floor and sort and trade it for half an hour today.

Orange Pants

Who knew that orange pants would be so versatile? I got this corduroy last summer when we were at Children's Corner school.  I made these pants to match a top I ordered from one of my favorite home show lines, Beaux et Belles.  I used my go-to ruffle pants pattern, Bonnie Blue Jillian.

Then, I decided they would look cute with this blouse.  

I made this blouse in Lezette Thompson's class when she came to The Smocking Shop in August. We used a pattern she drafted, but it is only available as a class right now.  We learned to do bobbin tucks in the class. I really like this top and think it would be darling in a little floral.  It has tucks on the front and back, as well as on the sleeves.
Look at those hands on her hips.  I think we might be in trouble in a few years.

Finally,  I made this little halloween top.

When she put it on, she said, "Thank you for making me a friendly ghost."

Maggie's First Word

This little girl said her first word on Tuesday night.  Will sat her down on the floor in her room, and she looked up at him and said "da da." Now, she chirps "da da" all day long.  It is the sweetest sound in the world.

Never mind that "ma ma" is the one who carried her for nine months, gave birth to her, and wakes up in the middle of the night to nurse her.  She said "da da."  

Henry said "da da" first, too.  Only sweet Lucy said "ma ma" first.  I guess we know who is getting mama's jewels one day.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

School Clothes

I love making casual clothes.  They are quick and easy, so I get a little instant gratification.  Plus, they get worn so much more than the fancy things.

I had this dress laying in my sewing room, and Lucy asked me to put "L-U-C-Y" on it.  She has just recently learned to spell her name.  I was happy to oblige.  The dress is Monag.  The applique font is by Planet Applique.

I also did this little ruffle pants set.  The pants are Jillian by Bonnie Blue.  The top is also Monag with an applique from Planet Applique

Seven Months

Last week, Maggie turned seven months old.  I love this age.  She is happy to sit on the floor and play with a toy.  Her face lights up when I walk in the room or smile in her direction.  She loves to cuddle and laughs at the littlest thing.  She is such a happy baby.  She is almost always in a good mood and smiling.  She loves to watch her big brother and big sister.  Each day, she becomes more a part of our little family.

We did a little photo shoot in her room.  She is wearing a Feltman Brothers dress that belonged to my sister when she was a baby.  I love Feltman's baby dresses.  They still look great over thirty years later.

And here she is when she's had enough.  She isn't alway happy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where Did the Baby Go?

Today, Maggie is wearing a little smocked outfit that Henry wore when he was a baby.  It reminded me of this shot.  It is one of my all-time favorite photos of Henry as a baby.

 It seems like I just picked him up off that blanket.  Now, I'm getting ready to go pick him up off the bus.

We Have Contact

I love it when babies learn to feed themselves.  They work, and work to get that little cheerio from the tray, to their hand, and into their mouth.  Finally, they succeed.  The pride on their face is priceless.  Today, I sprinkled some cheerios on Maggie's tray and she got them to her mouth.  I'm one proud mama.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Best Part of My Week

Well, it's been almost two weeks since I've updated the best part of my week, but who's counting.  Our life has continued to barrel forward at full speed.  We've had so many things going on lately.

1.  Football: Henry has been playing flag football at the Southeast Y.  He really enjoys the game.  His favorite part is "sending the ball," otherwise known as hiking the ball.  When the ball came towards him last week, I noticed that he backed away a little.  I asked him after the game if he was afraid of the ball.  he answered, "No.  I just don't want anyone to steal my flag."  

2.  Field trips: I got to go on field trips with Henry and Lucy this week.  I love being able to do this.  Henry's class went to Stage One to see Ferdinand the Bull.  He sat with me on the way there but insisted on sitting with his friends on the way home.

Lucy's preschool class went to the fire station.  She really liked climbing on the fire truck.

3.  Fall Weather: We have enjoyed a beautiful week of weather.  On Thursday, the kids played in the yard and we set up the bounce house.  Rarely do I actually sit down and watch my kids play, but I pulled up a chair and just relaxed.  I don't know why I don't do this more often.

And here's the rest of the audience.  My sweet Grandma came over for dinner, too.