Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finally Four

Two weeks ago our sweet Lucy told us "Guess what? I'm finally four!"  After a shared family birthday dinner with her brother and an early party with all of her friends, she kept asking, "is it my bird-day yet?" So, it was a joyous day in our house when Lucy could eat breakfast on the red dishes and take "pupcakes" to her preschool class.  

I love having a four year old in the house.  Her vocabulary as well as her view of the world is constantly expanding.  And she does not miss a single beat.  If you want to know exactly what went down in the Monarch house, just ask Lucy.  There are so many things I love about this age, but Lucy, here are some of my favorite things you at four:

1.  It makes me happy when you says "I love you really much," or "I love you all the way to the Florida house and back" as I am putting her to bed.

2.  You are a great negotiator.  You are always trying to get just one more song, or just one more book, or one just more cookie.  You raise your eyebrows and smile sweetly.  And who can say "no"?

3.  You love to take care of people.  Your preschool teacher, Mrs. Peace says you are the little mother of the room and that you always make sure that all of your friends are alright.  You always remember to get a sucker or a sticker for Henry when he is not with us, and you can't wait to wake up Maggie in the mornings. 

4.  You love your Bitty Baby.  Bitty is with you from the time you poke your sleepy head into our room in the mornings, until we tuck her under your arm to sleep at night.  Lately, she has started having dinner with us.  You love to dress her and change her diaper.  You really love to wear matching pajamas.  

5.  You love to read. Your favorite books are Pinkalicious, Froggy Goes to School and Fancy Nancy.  You can recite Jack and Jill, along with many other nursery rhymes.  

6.  You have a wonderful imagination.  Lately, you have been pretending that you are "Baby Susan," a newborn baby that just came home from the hospital.  You love to say "Let's pretend that . . ."

7. I love our special times together.  One of my favorite times of the day is when we sit on the curb waiting for Henry to get off the bus.

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